Illustrator course – level 1

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Illustrator course – level 1

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator, program for vector graphic includes six three-hours sessions. The goal of this beginners’ course is to equip you to work with vector graphics which hugely differs from raster graphics. In Illustrator basics we will explain the key techniques for creating vector drawings.

Beginners’ course includes some topics like: shapes and closed paths, including images, grouping, colours, working with texts and using drawing tools (including Pen Tool) and other elements of vector graphics.

Adobe Illustrator is used for drawing illustrations, logos, banners, flyers and posters. It is also used for integration of raster images, vectors graphics and texts. The program enables the user to have unlimited creativity and provides him with powerful tools. It is being used by web designers, graphic designers and illustrators.

This course is the first step in creating elegant, optimized graphics using Adobe Illustrator.

Course content:

  • Introduction to Illustrator
  • Navigate within document and change the document
  • Draw, rotate, duplicate, group and arrange objects
  • Reflect and combine objects
  • Text
  • Creating and applying styles
  • Using a glyph panel
  • Adding and deleting anchor points
  • Converting raster images into vectors
illustrator course - level 2

Illustrator Course – level 2

Illustrator course - level 2

This is the next step in learning how to use Illustrator. Follow up on level 1 course in which we show how to efficiently manage layers, clipping groups, patterns...

illustrator course - level 3

Illustrator Course – level 3

Illustrator course - level 3

How to become more efficient, more detailed and more creative designer using advanced Illustrator tools. Completely master Adobe Illustrator.