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Internet traffic on mobile devices will surpass the basic internet traffic of desktop computers by the year 2015

In year 2013 more than 70% of the companies will increase their investments in mobile web stations and applications. Basic web sites will still be the primary source of information for most companies. However, without the web sites optimized for mobile devices, most of them will stay behind and, in the end, lose visitors.

Web sites optimized for mobile devices?

  • SIMPLE NAVIGATION In terms of content, a mobile-optimized site has the most important information that is found on your desktop site.
  • TOUCH COMPATIBLE It is important to optimize web page for touch screens. That means creating links and images that are larger and part of the web site basic design.
  • SMARTPHONE SCREEN FRIENDLY Smart phones have smaller screens than desktop computers therefore the content on mobile devices needs to be reformatted to enable the visitors to see the content without too much scrolling in all directions.

Why are web sites for mobile devices important?

  • SAVING BATTERY LIFE AND QUICKER LOADING An inappropriately coded mobile website will reduce battery life because a well-optimized mobile website will load quicker. Generally, a visitor to your website will visit it again if the loading time is shorter and the battery life is not significantly reduced.
  • GROWING SMARTPHONE MARKET The accessibility and mobility of smartphones allows consumers to access information at any time. It is necessary to focus on this growing channel of communication with clients.
  • MOBILE WEB SEARCH ENGINES Google employs a search engine system called Google Mobile, which is entirely separate from the desktop iteration and is optimized for mobile web content. It crawls the entire Internet and gives preference to websites optimized for smartphones. Then if the Smartphone Google Bot cannot find the mobile website URL, it will display the desktop website URL.
web site prices

Web site prices

How much web site costs?

Since every project is different, it is difficult to determine the price of web site in advance. Please contact us and get your free qoute.

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Responsive web sites

Responsive web sites

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